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Steve Davis

General Partner

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Steve is based in Brisbane and brings over 30 years of experience across the innovation and commercialisation ecosystem in Australia and the UK to the table. He has experience across technical roles as a an R&D scientist and R&D director.  Steve has also held executive roles in multinational companies (Shimadzu and Thermo Fisher), founded three start-ups and been brought in as CEO of several start-ups by VC investors.  He also has 18 years experience in advising and mentoring early stage companies across a diverse range of technologies so he is adept at identifying which early stage technology companies have solid investment potential. 


Career Summary

  • 2 years R&D scientist at Kratos Shimadzu (UK) designing mass spectrometers

  • 3 years R&D director Kratos Shimadzu 

  • Founder & CEO of HD Technologies Ltd  (UK) – the company developed scientific instrumentation and was acquired by multinational Thermo Fisher after 6 years

  • 3 years CEO of Thermo Finnigan (UK)

  • Founder & CEO of Aqualysis Pty Ltd - developed water analyser technology which was licensed to Waterco

  • Founder & CEO of  PD Analytical Pty Ltd which has provided commercialisation advisory services for 18 years

  • CEO, Senviro Pty Ltd  - company involved with soil moisture sensor technology which was licensed to Toro

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