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Dive Into the New Age of High Growth Startups

Access Capital Ventures was founded in Australia in 2021. We are a different kind of VC fund, as we already know where all of our deals are coming from. All of our investments must have successfully completed a project in the Australian Government’s Accelerating Commercialisation programme. We will not invest in companies that haven’t been part of this programme.


The AC Ventures team all worked together on this programme previously. We know or have interacted with all of the companies which have gone through the programme in recent years. 

Businesses that have participated in this programme have undergone significant evolution and are well on the way to commercial success with their novel technology driving growth. 

It is a high hurdle to jump to become part of the Accelerating Commercialisation programme, and it’s an even higher hurdle to get investment from AC Ventures. This means only the very best companies will be successful in securing investment from us.


If you are one of the succesful businesses from Accelerating Commercialisation, we would love to discuss your capital requirements to see if we may be a fit. No doubt you have probably met one of our team members, and Allan, Doug, Larry and Steve would love to chat further. 

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